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Ryan Haskins is an independent concept designer, illustrator and creative director based in Los Angeles, California.

Dogs are like humans except way, way better. So why shouldn't they be able to eat fresh, real food just like humans? That's where Pet Plate comes in, delivering top quality, chef-crafted dog food straight to your door, made with fresh ingredients in a human-grade kitchen. In search of a new identity as fresh as their food, Pet Plate came to us. They wanted to show the world that they are a fresh, human quality dog food with a good sense of humor.


One of Pet Plate's main objectives was showing that they serve human-quality dog food. With this in mind, we took inspiration from the traditional blue & white style decorative plates that have roots in cultures all over the world. We balanced the fine line illustrations with bold, funky typefaces and humorous copywriting to establish a playful tone of voice.

Agency/Studio: Sagmeister & Walsh, 2019 Creative Direction & Copywriting: Jessica Walsh Production: Erica Grubman Lead Design: Ryan Haskins & Gabriela Namie Illustration: Gabriela Namie, Zac Tebbal, Daniel Brokstad Design: Soomin Jung, Matt Roop, Katyayni Singh Animation: Jessie Zus

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